An overview of Safari Doctors 

September 2015 CCTV Africa returns to connect with Safari Doctors amidst the security operations

On August 26, 2016 Umra Omar, founder of Safari Doctors was selected as a CNN Hero. Omar walked away from her career & an American dream to deliver medical aid in Africa. Safari Doctors is proud to introduce you to our beloved sister and learn all about her Safari Doctors and #CNNHeroes at

Tahreni Bwanaali

Management specialist. 

Louise Leakey

Conservationist and founder of African Fossils.

Kevin Marsh

Founder and former director of KEMRI - Wellcome Trust Research Program.

Meet Our advisors

videos: providing services  by all means

Quality of health isn't seasonal, which is why our adventurous monthly mobile clinics draw so much attention. Devote a week of your expertise with Safari Doctors and contribute to the communities that we work with.

Safari Doctors is a vocal advocate for the marginalised. We travel to remote corners of Lamu to promote access to health services and promote awareness

Our Outreach team in the Boni region needs your help immediately. Sustainable medical infrastructure and staff support is our primary and most immediate need. Become one of the loyal Friends of Safari Doctors.

March 2014, Safari Doctors embarks on a road trip to Bodei, Milimani, Basuba, Mangai and Mararani 




Making a Difference

Amina Abubakar

Pharmacist and owner of Rx Clinic.