"Chameleon is my number one. I also listen to Diamond Platnumz and Chikuze. My phone is my stereo. I live with my mother, father and seven siblings where I spend my days fetching water, firewood and cooking. Out of the three I enjoy cooking the most. I used to work as a community health worker in my village until that one early morning in June when the Al-Shabaab raided our village. Sitting next to the masked man all I could do was cry although he said he was not going to harm us. One day I will return to Milimani and continue with where I left off."

''I dont understand how old I am but my last son must be 7 years because his name is Obama and I named him after the president of America. I have 3 boys, for me that's enough but if God decides otherwise then that's fine. We live in Mangai and my boys used to go school and we had access to medical facilities and services, not anymore.  I hope one day there will be a functional school and access to medical care for the sake of my boys."

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners, the Safari Doctors crew sets sail once a month during high tide and embarks on to the rough roads to visit remote communities. On board is the crew, a nurse, a clinical officer and a visiting specialist who provide basic curatives services. 

Depending on the availability of volunteering specialists, Safari Doctors plans to host trips that meet gaps of, dental, optometry, gynecology and other services.

Making a Difference

Services delivered include:


Maternal healthcare

‚ÄčRespiratory infections treatment

Communicable diseases treatment

Access to clean water

Hospital referral logistics