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Safari Doctors is a community-based organization in Lamu, Kenya. The indigenous Aweer and Bajuni communities number around 20,000 people and live within the archipelago and on the mainland near the border with Somalia. Neglect and insecurity continue to impede their right to access healthcare.


Each month, the team sets sail in a boat loaded with medicines and conducts mobile clinics across at least 8 villages. Together with regular outreach work, the team reaches up to 800 patients a month.

Safari Doctors’ mission is to provide innovative, community-driven healthcare solutions that promote well-being for marginalized communities in Lamu County.

As parts of its holistic approach to community health and well-being, our Safari Vet program also cares for hundreds of animals and carries out community education sessions on One Health.

The Safari Doctors team won The United Nations Person of the Year 2017for “outstanding efforts and commendable work providing medical care to marginalized communities in the far reaching areas of Lamu.”

Read our Annual Report 2018 here.


Safari Doctors reaches up to 20 remote villages by sea and road. “The same thing that makes Lamu beautiful, isolated and pristine, is the same thing that presents the challenges for access to healthcare.” Umra Omar, Founder of Safari Doctors


Safari Doctors also operates a youth Health Ambassadors program, engaging young men and women who receive basic health education and training, to facilitate our work and become agents of positive change in their communities.

The program offers a support system through peer-to-peer mentorship and capacity building through monthly trainings using a tailored curriculum that ranges from first aid to leadership training.